5 Feminist Movies to Watch This Summer.

One of my favorite things about summer is I can finally catch up on all the movies I’ve been meaning to see. I’ve compiled a list here of awesome feminist flicks for you all to binge on. I know I’ll be watching most of these on my porch while enjoying the nice weather 🙂

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

You had me at

You had me at ” hijab wearing, skateboarding vampire who preys on men that disrespect women.”

I just saw this, and man oh man, is it a good one. Even if you’re a scaredy cat like me, this is a horror movie you’ll be able to tolerate.  Ana Lily Amipour takes a lot of movie elements, modern and from the past, and blends them together into something I’ve never seen before. Plus, it’s got a killer soundtrack.

Obvious Child

Jenny Slate, you wonderful human being, you.

Jenny Slate, you wonderful human being, you.

I’ve said it before on this blog and I’ll say it again, watch this movie! This is a romantic comedy that has tackles the topic of unplanned pregnancy and abortion in a way that’s honest, open, and realistic. Plus Jenny Slate is freaking hilarious. This is a  wonderful, feel good movie.

Big Eyes

Amy Adams as the lovely and talented Margaret Keane.

Amy Adams as the lovely and talented Margaret Keane.

I can’t wait to see this recent  Tim Burton flick that explores the life of a woman he calls “the most quiet, under-the radar feminist you’ve ever met.” Big Eyes tells the true story of artist Margaret Keane, who suffered through years of abuse from her husband who made her let him take credit for her paintings.


The costumes look incredible, too!

The costumes look incredible, too!

Here’s another inspired by a true story flick. This movie is about Dido Elizabeth Belle, the illegitimate daughter of a Royal Navy Captain. For her protection she is sent to live with her aristocratic Aunt and Uncle, where her privilege is stunted by the color of her skin. It looks like it not only has the beauty of period pieces but strong social commentary and I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Thelma and Louise



I know so far I’ve put all recent movies, but I had to throw in a classic. A class I somehow have not seen yet.  Reading Tracy Moore on Jezebel say about it “there are radio sing-alongs, drinks, a line-dancing sequence, excellent sunglasses, windblown road hair, hilarious witticisms, sweet ’90s denim, a hardcore paean to female friendship — while still offering a fucked-up, scathing, serious movie about rape and trauma and loss and the crime of living in the world female.” sold me.

This is just a list of movies on my mind right now, but there are so many interesting, moving, wonderful feminist films.

P.S Don’t forget about documentaries, too! Anita Little of Ms.Magazine put together a great little list of feminist documentaries currently on Netflix. I can only speak for It’s a Girl and Miss Representation, but they’re really good and will make you angry/motivated/inspired. I’m looking forward to seeing the others.

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