Charged With a “Woman’s Crime”, Jailed With Men?!

Here’s a daily dose of bullshit.

Ashley Del Valle, a transgendered woman from New York, was arrested in Savannah, Georgia, for allegedly exposing her breasts. When a nurse examined her and found she had a penis, she was classified as “technically” a male and thrown into the holding ward of a men’s prison.

So. Charged with a crime only women can be convicted of, exposing our nipples, but thrown in jail with men. What?!

“First off, Ashley is still a man,” said chief deputy Roy Harris to the ld GA Voice. “I think he’s had some surgery, breast implants. But technically he is still a male which poses a problem. We do have a policy in place. Typically we put them in isolation.”

Isolation is usual protocol when it comes to putting a transgendered individual behind bars, which has it’s own issues. Isolation is a common punishment.

Del Valle has been living her life happily as a woman for over 20 years. She was accused of a crime she said she did not commit (she says she was just wearing a sheer top), was misgendered, and thrown in jail where she felt very safe and not treated “as a human being.”

It seems to me the police had two options: If Ashley is a man to them, she could not be jailed for exposing her nipples, because it wouldn’t be considered “indecent exposure”. If she is a woman to them, she would be brought to a woman’s jail. They fucked up big time.

I’m happy Del Valle is pursuing legal action.

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