You Already Have a Bikini Body.

Getting a “Bikini body” is on pretty much everyone’s after holiday to-do list. There’s a whole market for it. Binge during Thanksgiving,Hanukkah, Christmas? Well you’ve better get in shape before winter is over! And as soon as the snow starts melting? Forget about it, it’s literally and figuratively “crunch time.” It’s degrading and adds a shitty layer of guilt to an otherwise fun time of year.

What happens when you type in "how to get a" on google.

What happens when you type in “how to get a” on google.

I say, fuck that. The moment you have a bikini body is when you take a bikini… and put it on your body. There is a crazy amount of pressure for women to be toned, somehow already tan, and hairless in time for summer. An article of clothing controls us.



If you want to eat well and work out, that is awesome! But do it because you are caring and loving for your body, not because you feel like you have to in order to wear a swimsuit. And if you want to wear a one piece, or another suit with more coverage? Go for it, as long as it’s for you. What it really comes down to is being your happy, beautiful, authentic self.

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