Rebel Wilson, THINK over PINK.

I tried not to like Rebel Wilson. When every single person I knew was quoting her characters from Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids I wanted to be able to just roll my eyes but there is no denying the girl has got it going on. Confident, funny, and fierce, she has stolen Australia’s and now America’s hearts for good reason. The more I learn about her the bigger fan I become.

This is Rebel with Winnie,s Tanzanian schoolgirl she has sponsored for ten years.

This is Rebel with Winnie, a Tanzanian schoolgirl she has sponsored for ten years.

The latest reason to love her? Her wardrobe change during the MTV movie awards. To introduce a Pitch Perfect 2 clip she came out in a bustier (bedazzled, of course), big feathery wings, and liquid leather leggings with “THINK” slapped across the derriere. Remind you of anything?


That’s right, you’re looking at quite the jab at the Victoria’s Secret Angels. I remember being in sixth grade when all the cool kids in school were wearing VS sweats that said “PINK” across the butt. When I asked my mother for a pair she shut that shit down so fast (Thanks, Mum!). “Why do you want to have people reading your ass? No. No. No.” she said.

A lot of people have been chastising VS for their narrow representation of women in their business. Aerie’s no retouching move, Lane Bryant’s “I’m No Angel” campaign and now this, VS is really taking a beating. And honestly, it should. VS is the epitome of unrealistic body standards. Photoshopped into oblivion, the models look just as real as actual angels. PINK is supposedly for college students, but we all have seen the middle and high school girls wearing  it. As society moves more towards body acceptance every day, VS will become an outdated relic. Rebel, you’re officially my favorite super (role) model.

Embodiment of confidence.

You go, girl.

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