Jaden Smith Looks Good in a Dress.

If you say you don’t know who Jaden Smith is… I don’t believe you. The 16 year old son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith regularly makes headlines for his weird tweets.

Wait, what?

…Wait, what?

He’s making headlines for a different reason these days- for wearing a dress. It goes to show just how rigidly gendered our idea of clothing if this is news. “Menswear” for women isn’t just a trend anymore, it’s a norm. No one thinks twice about women in blazers and fedoras so why is the internet freaking out about a boy in “womenswear?” And did everyone forget about Kanye West wearing skirts throughout the “Watch the Throne” Tour?

Photo Taken from Afropunk.

Photo of Jaden Taken from Afropunk.

To me, this evokes the Normcore fashion trend (unisex, unassuming clothing) but just one step further. Women wear trousers and button downs. Why can’t a man wear a dress? I feel bad for men, especially in the summer months. Nothing like an airy sundress to beat the heat on a sweltering summer afternoon.

I'd wear the shit out of this dress.

His Instagram photo captioned “Went to TopShop to buy some girl clothes, I mean clothes.”

But did you know that boys weren’t always expected to wear trousers and blue? The opposite, really. Pink was seen as a strong color and dresses weren’t gendered.

Here we have a young Franklin Roosevelt in an outfit considered "gender neutral" for the time. Surprised?

Here we have a young Franklin Roosevelt in an outfit considered “gender neutral” for the time. Surprised?

So Jaden Smith, you rock your dresses. Show the people how silly it is to make a big deal about letting your legs get some sunshine.


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