Babies Don’t Care What Color They Wear

Whenever I’m out shopping, I can’t help but get baby fever just looking at little baby outfits. Tiny little clothes for tiny little babies just get my maternal engine revving. But I’ve noticed more and more lately how gendered it really is and I got to thinking- Why do people care so much about putting their girls in pink and their boys in blue?

Not only that, but so many of the outfits declare physical attributes of the child. We can see your baby is cute, why only focus on that? And as these babies grow into toddlers, adolescents we say, “You must be a little heart breaker!” and “Aren’t you so beautiful?” which is all meant in kindness but what are we telling our kids by putting emphasis on their looks from the get-go?

Outfits like this one just seem sort of creepy to me...

Outfits like this one just seem sort of creepy to me…

Why the blue trucks for boys and pink tiaras for girls? Us as adults don’t cover ourselves head to toe in a certain color to announce our gender. Is it that people feel that the worst thing someone could do is confuse their baby for the wrong sex? Is that why people pierce the ears of their little girls? If my child wants to get their ears pierced when they’re old enough to say they want to, I’ll be all for it. It just seems weird to me when kids are decorated with ear piercings before they can speak. Maybe that’s just me.

A mama blogger I love, Jess Bigley, dresses her (insanely cute) little guy Bennett in clothes that many would consider “for girls.” This isn’t going to “confuse” him or anything like people would like to say. Rather it will show him that he doesn’t have to worry about having feminine or masculine likes and interests. Why do we shame boys for playing with dolls but action figures are fine? Think about it. Can’t we just hope for happy, healthy children?

Isn't he adorable?!

Isn’t he adorable?!

When Ryan and I start having children we won’t learn the gender. There are few true surprises in life, why spoil one so great? Plus it’ll force our friends and families to get us gender neutral baby clothes and items- which means not only will we not be telling our kids how to be and act, but we’ll have plenty of supplies to reuse for baby number two. Your baby doesn’t care what color they’re wearing, and you shouldn’t either.

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