Ladies, wear your loungewear.

“No, no, no, no! You can’t do sweatpants. No. Ladies, number one cause of divorce in America? Sweatpants. No. Can’t do that.”

That’s the sage advice of new mother Eva Mendez about life with her boyfriend, Ryan Gosling.

Okay, she is clearly joking. The number one reason for divorce in American is just basic incompatibility. It’s more, “Hey, I don’t even really like you as a person” and much less of “Sweatpants? You dare relax in our home?!”

I KNEW you had to own a pair, Eva!

I KNEW you had to own a pair, Eva!

I’m more of a yoga pants girl myself, but who’s to say there are any rules about what you can and can’t wear around a partner, especially at home?

I’m not mad at Eva Mendez. She made a joke, but it does highlight a very real  issue. Celebrities already give mothers unrealistic expectations. There’s a huge deal made over their post-baby body.

We've all seen this garbage while waiting in line.

We’ve all seen this garbage while waiting in line. ‘Winners and Losers” …Seriously?!

The average mother doesn’t have assistants, personal trainers, personal chefs, let alone the time to rapidly get their body back to how it used to be. Newsflash, your body will never be how it used to be before giving birth and that’s okay- actually, that’s awesome.

The thought of a careless comment like this resonating with someone just breaks my heart. Post baby, your partner should still be too much in awe of the miracle you just performed and not worrying about your fashion choices. And even if you haven’t had a baby and you just dig sweatpants, be with someone who adores you no matter what you’re wearing.

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