Modcloth Gets Really, Really, Real

I am a long-time Modcloth addict.

The vintage inspired clothing, the ability to shop in my pajamas… There’s something magical about coming home to see that pretty brown and blue box sitting on your doorstep just waiting to be unwrapped.

The clothes are stylish and cute, the website runs good deals, and the models have always been pretty diverse in terms of body type, ethnicity, and I like seeing models with tattoos.

I also like posting my Modcloth treasures on Instagram, of course.

I also like posting my Modcloth treasures on Instagram, of course!

When I went to the website today, I was delighted to see that they are now running a swimsuit campaign featuring their actual employees (even co-founder Susan Gregg Koger!), in all their beautiful uniqueness.

Everyone looks beautiful when they truly believe that they are.

Everyone looks beautiful when they truly believe that they are. Rock it, ladies!

This is such a great step in the right direction, especially because Modcloth was the first company to take the anti-photoshopping pledge last year. It doesn’t get much realer than this! It’s important as consumers to think “Hey, that person looks like me!” not, “I could never look like that person” or “Maybe if I looked like that person I could be happy/beautiful/cool.”

When the media is constantly showing us what happy/beautiful/cool looks like we start to believe it. We start to feel inadequate, and uncomfortable in our own skin. It is a disservice to the beautiful vessel that enables you to love, breathe, to read these very words- your body. We need not only to support the businesses that care about showing real women, but to discourage those that feel the need to use unrealistic beauty standards to depress us into spending money. Modcloth, you’ve always had me as a shopper. Now you have my respect and admiration.


2 thoughts on “Modcloth Gets Really, Really, Real

  1. Lauren says:

    I, too, love Modcloth and have been shopping their site for years. It’s so refreshing to see a company run this kind of campaign, especially when they have such diverse models. Thanks for sharing this!


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